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Magnet production of the highest precision

We have been developing, producing and selling
permanent magnets worldwide since 1926

Decades of experience in magnet and plastics technology make us specialists for individual magnet solutions.

Plastic bonded injection moulded magnets

Flexible permanent magnets and magnetic tapes

Plastic bonded pressed magnets

One of the world’s leading magnet manufacturers

Advanced solutions, highest quality and responsibility for the entire value chain

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The variety of possibilities for magnets is almost limitless. We develop and produce plastic bonded magnets for all industries and applications.


Industry & Industrial Applications

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Construction Industry

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  • Manufacturing process: Injection moulding
  • Choice of isotropic or anisotropic materials available
  • The materials used are barium and strontium ferrites (hard ferrites) in various plastic binders
  • Neodymium-iron-boron – the rare-earth material for the highest performance
  • Materials with maximum remanences
  • Manufacturing process: Injection moulding, compression moulding
  • Isotropic or anisotropic materials available
  • Use in both thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics
  • Magnetically stronger than TROMADUR®, forming possibilities identical
  • Samarium-cobalt – the material for maximum magnetic energy density
  • Manufacturing process: Injection moulding
  • Choice of isotropic or anisotropic production
  • Magnetically stronger than TROMADUR®, forming possibilities identical
  • Our material for profiles and foils
  • Plastic bonded flexible permanent magnets
  • Manufacturing process: Extrusion, calendering
  • As magnetic tapes, magnetic profiles and magnetic foils
  • available in rolls or cut to size, rough or coated
  • The materials used are barium and strontium ferrites (hard ferrites)
    with high-quality flexible plastics

Our production for
plastic bonded permanent magnets

The latest technology

Only new, high-quality production equipment is used for the production of plastic-bonded permanent magnets.

We produce over 300 million magnets per year in 3-shift operations for worldwide use, for example in the automotive industry.

Precision work
for highest quality –
even with large quantities

The uniformity and excellent quality of the manufactured magnets meet the highest international quality standards. Our quality assurance works with the most modern testing equipment and devices to ensure the required product quality.

Permanent magnets “Made in Germany”
for worldwide use

Our customer-specific solutions require special moulds and fixtures which, for reasons of economy and proximity to the product, are manufactured at our sister company MAX BAERMANN Tooltech GmbH – another MAX BAERMANN Holding AG company.

The raw materials we develop and use are thoroughly tested by our material management before they are deployed and are only released for production when perfectly usable. The mixing processes and ratios are subject to constant control and are continuously optimised.

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Further questions or direct contact?

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