Development process:

Right from the start of the project, process development staff monitor the entire development process and support the other specialist departments (and also your development department) in evaluating and complying with the required specifications in mould design and in the development and implementation of test equipment suitable for batch production.

Due to our extensive experience and knowledge, we are a competent contact partner for your development department and also support you in the needs-compliant description of your specific requirements.


Mould try-out:

Depending on the complexity of the product, we verify your desired properties on suitable prototypes. We also simulate and evaluate the subsequent production process using prototype moulds that are as close as possible to batch production. This enables us to gain valuable knowledge for the subsequent batch production process at this early stage of development and to immediately control and optimise the further development process

In our own technical centre, the finished series moulds are put through their paces and optimised by highly experienced employees. In this way, we ensure that the moulds guarantee process-reliable production according to the state-of-the-art in the subsequent batch production.

Transfer to batch production:

At the start of production, the staff supervise the entire process and contribute the experience they have gained in the course of mould sampling. In this way and together with all the employees involved, we ensure process-reliable production by means of highly complex manufacturing processes. Here, smooth interaction between the injection moulding machine, mould, peripherals and automation is the top priority in achieving optimum products.



After successfully setting up reliable manufacturing processes, we naturally also ensure that your products are validated as required. In close cooperation with you, we plan and implement the necessary validation tests in order to evaluate the long-term reaction of the products and their mechanical and magnetic stability at a very early stage. We carry out these tests according to specifications using internal testing facilities or in cooperation with external partner laboratories, evaluate the tests and also document the results professionally.