• Cost-effective material based on hard ferrites
  • Manufacturing process: Injection moulding
  • Choice of isotropic or anisotropic materials available
  • The materials used are barium and strontium ferrites (hard ferrites) in various plastic binders

Magnets for rotor and sensor applications:

Plastic-bonded permanent magnets are used in many areas of industry due to their properties.

These include:

  • considerable freedom in forming
  • low dimensional tolerances
  • tight magnetic tolerances
  • good magnetic homogeneity
  • good long-term stability
  • low edge breakage sensitivity
  • corrosion resistance
  • flame protection optional
  • temperature stability up to approx. 125°C

Further benefits of TROMADUR® are:

  • Inserts such as axles or bushings can be included in the production process in a single operation.
  • Centring collars, anti-rotation devices, holding stays, bases, pinions or similar can be taken into account directly when designing the magnet. This results in simplified assembly and cost savings for the subsequent installation.
  • low specific gravity
  • good elasticity properties
  • magnetic pole patterns from the sine to the approximated rectangular signal are possible
  • Uniformity of the magnetic signal such as:
    • low pole difference
    • exact pole pitch
    • extreme flank rise
  • good stability against external magnetic fields
  • minimum pole spacing with lateral preferred direction
  • connections with press-in parts without use of adhesives
  • high displacement forces
  • marking with parts No. or similar directly during the injection
  • no mechanical reworking
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