Magnetisation – Magnetic characteristics

Magnetic characteristics of TROMAFLEX® – Grades

(average values from different production batches)

TROMAFLEX®  324 325 928
hard ferrite 3/24 p 3/25 p 9/28 p
Br (mT) 127 142 220
BHC(kA/m) 91 98 170
IHC(kA/m) 240 250 280
(BH) max. (kJ/m³) 3.0 3.5 9.0
Filling degree (g/cm³) 3.4 3.73 3.5

Types of magnetisation

One-sided multipole magnetised
n = neutral zone

Two-sided multipole magnetised
n = neutral zone

Axially magnetised

Method of manufacturing anisotropic flexible magnets


Using special oxide ceramic permanent magnet materials, an increase in the magnetic energy density of plastic-bonded permanent magnets can be achieved by suitable manufacturing processes. This results in a significant increase of the adhesive force compared to isotropic permanent magnets.

In the production of anisotropic permanent magnets, the strontium ferrite particles, which are usually disk-shaped, are mechanically aligned in the heated plastics surrounding them in such a way that as large a proportion as possible of their preferred magnetic axes are aligned parallel in the required direction.

Barium ferrite isotropic
TX 324/325

Strontium ferrite anisotropic
TX 928

Aligned preferred axis