Areas of application

You will find magnets made by us in the following applications


  • Rotor magnets in
    • Auxiliary coolant pumps
    • Hybrid reluctance motors
    • Servomotors for steering systems
    • Support of the automatic start-stop system
    • Petrol pumps
  • Sensor magnets for
    • Position detection in steering, accelerator pedal and windscreen wiper systems
    • Detection of the gear lever position
    • Commutation of DC motors in actuators for steering systems
    • Position detection of throttle valves
    • Torque, position and rotation detection
    • Headlight positioning
    • Seat adjustment
    • Window winder anti-jamming mechanism
    • Stepper motors in dashboard applications
    • Clutch magnets for cooling water pumps
    • Field transducers for linear sensors

Industry application

  • Generation of bias fields in smart credit cards
  • Toner transport and application in analogue copying systems
  • Position and speed control in textile or CNC machines
  • For generating print effects of control boards in machine construction
  • In analogue control elements
  • Power tools + machines
  • Flow meters

White goods

  • Rotor magnets in fan motors for heating and cooling systems
  • Sensor applications for speed and unbalance detection in domestic machines
  • Servomotors for heating valves, domestic applications
  • Computer peripherals