Flexible Magnetic Strips

From our company history:

1956 - Invention and manufacture of the first flexible permanent magnet using isotropic barium ferrite

What happened...

"Child suffocated in refrigerator" - up to the mid-fifties a frequent topic in te newspapers. How could the poor children ever free themselves when trapped inside a refrigerator which could only be opened from the outside and nobody heard their knocking?

Thus, an American manufacturing group for electrical appliances consulted Max Baermann and soon a set of five samples of a magnetic safety locking was airmailed to the USA. It was only shortly afterwards that an even better solution occurred to the Cologne-based technical designer. Within a period of a few weeks he developed the flexible magnetic rubber: A flexible magnetic strip is inserted into a hollow gasket profile which is then firmly attracted by the steel casing of the refrigerator. The General Tire & Rubber Co. of USA was granted a general license for this amazingly simple system. It is cheaper than a lock, provides better sealing and does not required any kind of adjustment. Today, all important refrigerator brands worldwide are equipped with this magnetic strip locking.

(Excerpt from "Die westdeutsche Wirtschaft und ihre fuehrenden Maenner" North Rhine Westphalia, Part III, published in 1975)

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